Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wedding Wednesday!

The invitations went out on Saturday!
My Mom's friend has been in the printing/invitation business for 30 years so we went to her. 
We chose very simple invitations, RSVP cards and accommodation cards.  I typed up direction cards myself.
Not the best picture.  It's hard to see, but there's gray cardstock behind the actual invitations.

My Mom also works in printing so we chose to have them engraved on thick card stock.

We chose to have the names and addresses printed on the outer and inner envelopes.  It came out really nice!

Here's the ensemble:


One of my shower gifts was a Crate & Barrel gift card so I used that to buy our champagne flutes for the reception.  I recycled the burlap from the bridal shower favor and leftover Scrabble letters to do this:

We also applied for the marriage license on Monday and I had the programs designed on Etsy for just $18!  I know I will have to pay to get them printed though, too.

I go for my 2nd dress fitting tonight.

46 days to go - so close!

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  1. Yay so many exciting things! How did you feel when you finally put the invites in the mail? I had a HUGE sense of relief! It was awesome!

    Where do you plan to get your programs printed? I need to do mine next week and I was thinking FedEx/Kinkos but wasn't sure if you knew a better place. Thanks!