Friday, March 14, 2014

Five on Friday: The Next 5 Weekends

Happy Friday!
Besides our wedding, we have a LOT going on, especially the next 5 weekends in a row!
Tonight, my bridesmaids are coming over to help me with the invitations.  They need to go out ASAP - like, tomorrow morning.
1.)  Weekend of 3/14:  Tomorrow I'm heading to Atlantic City, NJ with about 12 good friends to celebrate my friend's bachelorette party.  It will definitely be a fun time.  Hmm, I still need to find something to wear.
*Monday we will probably go out for St. Patrick's Day - at least for a little bit.  It seems wrong not to.*
2.) Weekend of 3/22:  My sister-in-law's baby shower!  I was in charge of the invitations and cake.  Then hopefully going out to celebrate my good friend's 30th birthday.
3.)  Weekend of 3/28:  My friend from #1's WEDDING weekend in Sussex County, NJ.  Spending the night there.  Also, my Mom's birthday is 3/30.
4.)  Weekend of 4/5:  My cousin/matron of honor's baby shower!  Babies, babies everywhere!  I was also in charge of the invitations and cake for this shower.
5.)  Weekend of 4/12:  My bachelorette party!  I do not know what they have planned yet :)
Phew....then 2 weekends of "rest" before the wedding!  Plus Easter.  Yikes - a lot of things but all good, happy and fun things.
Have a good weekend!


  1. i cannot even believe the fun you have coming down the pipeline. let me know if you want me to fly out and partake in any/all of the events. :) looks like i found your blog just in time for some wedding awesomeness! yay for linkups. new reader! karli -

  2. Hello from the link up! :) Wow! You have so much excitement going on!! I'm so happy for ya! Enjoy every bit of this exciting time!!