Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thrifty Thursday: CVS Deals

Happy Friday Eve!  I'm looking forward to this weekend.  My bachelorette party is on Saturday.  What we are doing is a surprise so I will find out Saturday morning!
Today I'm sharing two CVS deals I got yesterday.
If you go to CVS a lot, you know to scan your discount card at their coupon machine.  So, I did that yesterday and $4.50 Extrabucks came out.  Score!
I went in the first place to get an already good deal - a Venus razor.  I had a $4 off manufacturer coupon and with the purchase of one razor, $5 Extrabucks are issued.  I tried to use the $4.50 but with the tax, I couldn't.  I wanted to buy the Jergens glow lotion so I waited for the 2nd transaction.
So I paid $5 for the razor and got $5 ECB.  Technically "free" but I still shelled out $5.
The coupon machine also printed a $4 off $20 moisturizer coupon.  Jergens was having a deal - spend $20, get $5 ECB.  I grabbed a face lotion, body lotion and two travel size Aveeno (to meet the $20)
So, I used the $4 off $20, $4.50 ECB and $5 ECB.  My total was $8.26 and now I have $5 ECB :)

Here's my "thing" about couponing - while I paid $5 for the razor and got $5 ECB, it's not really free.  It's $5 to use towards my next purchase, which is what I did and spent the $8.26.  So, I guess $13.26 for a razor, two Jergens and two mini Aveenos.  The razor is normally $8.49 and the lotions are normally $11.99 each so this was still a pretty good deal!


  1. I'm with you on the $5.00 EB back doesn't make it free. I always try and "roll" other EBs into purchases to get more EBs back so it makes your out of pocket cost lower each time. $13.26 for all that is a great price! You would've probably spent $30 easily without it.

    1. Yeah. Even if I just got something for only $5 with the ECB, I still spent the $5 but got 2 things for $5. Still a good deal but not free!

  2. Though the razor didn't really come out free, those suckers are not cheap. So, I'd call that a pretty solid deal.
    And, only $13.26 for all of that? Heck yes.