Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: The Music!

Three hours.  That's how long it took to pick out the songs for our wedding last night.  That doesn't include ANY of the songs people will be dancing to during the reception.   We did give him a list of songs we don't want and a few songs we definitely do want.  The key is to get as many people dancing as possible and we trust they'll do just that.
I'll share some of the names of the songs but not all ;)
We chose:
*Our song
*Mother son song
*Father daughter song (Landslide, Fleetwood Mac)
*Mother daughter song (Forever Young, Rod Stewart - acoustic version)
 *Cocktail hour music (a mix of our favorites - DMB, Depeche Mode, Van Morrison, Frank Sinatra, etc.)
 *Ceremony prelude
*Ceremony bridal party processional
*Ceremony bridal music
*Ceremony recessional song
*Parent entrance song into reception
*Bridal party song into reception (The Best Day of My Life, American Authors)
*Our song into reception (My favorite of ALL!! It's a secret.)
*Cake cutting/feeding songs (A Love That Will Last, Renee & 1979, Smashing Pumpkins)
It was a lot of fun and we have some pretty unique tunes.
I can't wait - 32 more days!!!!!!! 


  1. hi from the link up! Love all the songs you fun! Your big day is so close!

  2. Awesome. My guy and I need to do this..or I am afraid of what will happen!

  3. The music does take a lot of thought! It took us a while, too!

  4. I haven't even thought about music.. such a daunting task! You've shared a bunch of good ones! 32 daaayyysss!

  5. Three hours! Whoa! I love that you are having Frank Sinatra.. his music is wonderful! And perfect for cocktail hour :)

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