Thursday, April 24, 2014

Wedding Wednesday (a day late): Office Bridal Shower!

Eeeeeeeeek.  It's coming down to the wire now!
10 more days!  I can't believe it.
Only a few more to-do's!
Saro is finishing up some centerpiece decor and place card holders by Monday. 
Pick up my dress
Pickup marriage license
Print out a couple more escort cards
Drop welcome bags at the hotel
Have the rehearsal & lunch
On Tuesday my coworkers threw me a surprise bridal shower!!!  I got a meeting invitation from my boss last week and it seemed normal as we generally have meetings 2x a month.  I noticed a few girls went in 5 minutes early (I sit right in front of the conference room door but didn't see them setting anything up - sneaks! ;)) and I thought it was strange.  Normally my boss makes an announcement over the intercom to come in for the meeting and she hadn't yet.
It was so nice and of course I was embarrassed and turned red (one of the things I don't like about myself but can't help).  We had snacks & cake and I opened their very generous gifts!
I'm lucky to work with great, caring people. 
We went out for happy hour last night for administrative professional's day and my one friend joked that it was my work bachelorette party - LOL.  So we had a bunch of laughs over martinis (ONE from this place and you're basically on your a**).
My coworker is having a problem sending me the shower pictures but I will add them here later once I get them! 

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