Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Visitors & R+F Giveaway!

What a morning!  It's only 11:00 and I'm already exhausted.  I've been up since 6:30 rushing around before work and straightening up for my Dad's arrival this morning.  I wish I had more time to take off from work but I'm already using 9 of my 10 vacation days for the wedding. 
Saro is picking them up at the airport as we speak.
They're coming from New Orleans.  My aunt is already here from Seattle.  Our friends arrive tomorrow from Iowa and we're meeting up with them for Cuban food!  My cousin arrives from San Francisco on Friday.  Saro's cousins arrive from Los Angeles and Boston this weekend.  My aunt and uncle arrive from Oakland, CA this week.  My other cousin (their daughter) is coming from London with her boyfriend and my other cousin (her brother) is coming with his wife from San Francisco!  Phew.  We can't wait to see everybody and we are so thankful they're making the trip for us! =)
Don't forget to enter the Rodan + Fields giveaway I posted yesterday!  It ends tonight at midnight!

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