Thursday, July 24, 2014

#DJV5K Training

Oops this post is 2 days late! 
I am joining Desiree and Jenny for a virtual 5k on September 13th and I'm linking up today to share how I'm training for it.  I also just signed up for another 5k in my town (it literally starts almost right in front of my house) on September 6th.
I don't really plan on following a training schedule mainly because right now I am in week 4 of PiYo and I don't want to take away from that.  This past Sunday, I ran 2 miles in 21:18.  I have a really hard time getting under a 10 minute mile.  So while PiYo is not that much cardio, it still gets my heart racing and I work up a good sweat. 
So, I plan on running every Sunday and hopefully by next week, adding an additional day per week (after a PiYo "class").
My goal is to run one of said 5Ks in 30 minutes or less.  While I don't think it will happen, it's something to strive for.  I did run 2 miles in 19:47 on April 10th BUT that was after a good 8 weeks of T25 which is basically all HIIT workouts.  I did run a 5K on 3/24/2013 in 30:22, 9:48 min/mi.
22 seconds doesn't seem like a lot but when you're running, it is!
Have a good day!

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  1. You can totally run a sub-30! Try adding a little speed work into your weekend runs. Something along the lines of sprint a 400, run an 800, until you hit your desired distance.