Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday! Five Beauty Favorites

Happy Friday, all!  I have a half day today and I'm looking forward to a manicure after work and mexican food for dinner with the husband!  We don't have any plans this weekend which is kind of nice.
Today I am linking up to share a few of my favorite *beauty* things.
Five Beauty Favorites:
Yes, this stuff IS pricey BUT hear me out.  I purchased this line in mid April and I use it almost daily (I'd say a full 5-6 days per week, TWICE per day) and I still have some product left, although the AM cream is pretty much empty.  You really only need a dab of all 4 products for each use.  I HIGHLY recommend.  I'm planning to cut the facial scrub open soon to use the rest ;)
I've been using this foundation every day for about 5 years and I love it.  You would think a powder would appear drying, but it definitely doesn't.  It's lightweight and provides great coverage.

I love this stuff.  I currently use the Honey color and it feels like chapstick but gives my lips some color without the lipstick feeling.  I also love the smell!  It's lemony.

Love this!  I have pretty long lashes to begin with but this stuff enhances them and makes them easier to curl.  I'm usually able to buy these with a manufacturer's coupon plus a Bed Bath & Beyond coupon at Harmon's :)

Just a good, not too pink, every day color.  I love a bunch of Essie's shades!
Have a good weekend, everyone!  What are some of your favorite beauty must haves?





  1. I use the same mascara and love it. I need to find a new lip treatment. My lips have been so chapped lately. L

  2. I did use that mascara but it was a little too clumpy for me and I went to the orange one!

  3. I love this post! Falsies is definitely one of my favorite mascaras and anything Essie is just heaven to me. My bloggy friend Heather and I do a "favorite things" link up each month (July's is actually tomorrow!) - you should definitely link up with us with posts like these or even your favorite savings of the month - I love a good sale :) Can't wait to keep following along with your blog!