Thursday, July 31, 2014

PiYo: 5 Week Review | #DJV5K Training

I am almost done with 5 full weeks of PiYo.  A few days ago I took progress pictures.  I failed to take measurements before so I just have to go by pictures.  I'm not going by the scale (I weighed myself this morning and I'm the same - 156 lb.)
Overall, I feel leaner and tighter in my core.  I can see a difference in the progress pictures so far.  If I am feeling really gutsy, I might post my before and afters but I still have 11 weeks to go.
It REALLY works your whole body.  A lot of the moves I've done before but many I haven't.  Some are pretty funky!  My hips are extremely tight, even after 5 weeks.  During some of the poses/moves, I feel a pinching in my hip so usually I have to do a child's pose stretch.
The schedule has you working out 6 days/week.  I try to double up on one of the days and do two 30 minute videos in order to have 2 rest days.
After further research, I found out that I don't have the whole PiYo pack.  I knew $60 was too good to be true!  So I have to order the last 2 DVDs (they're advanced and don't start for another few weeks) and slides which is another $60.  So that's kind of a bummer.
Check out a PiYo video clip HERE.
As for 5K training (One on 9/6 and one on 9/13), it's going well.  I'm trying to run 2x a week on top of PiYo.  Here are my two most recent runs:
Distance: 2 mi
Pace: 11:02 min/mi
Time:  22:01 minutes
Distance: 2 mi
Pace: 11:18 min/mi
Time: 22:35 minutes
Lately I've been feeling overwhelmed between a bunch of personal things, squeezing in time to prep/cook, and exercise.  I'm out the door at 8:15am each morning and I don't really sit down on the couch until 8 or 9 pm.  I am thankful for weekends off!

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  1. That PiYo sounds pretty intense! And way to add the running on top of it all!
    Here's to hoping things slow down a bit.
    Cheers to the weekend!!