Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thrifty Thursday

Since I started couponing and using Ebates to save money about 2 years ago, I rarely pay full price for anything, or at least TRY not to.  In fact now when I do pay full price, I cringe.
To date, I've received $517.11 cash back simply by logging on to Ebates before making an online purchase (even for big purchases like shades for our home and booking our honeymoon!)
Here's the proof:

Every 3 months or so, the money goes directly to your PayPal; or a check is mailed if you're old school ; )

Recently, I needed more of my Bare Minerals foundation and salt/sulfate free shampoo/conditioner because I color my hair.  Normally, the 0.2 oz foundation is $28 but I found the 0.6 oz size on QVC for $39 ($45 with shipping).  It should literally last me a whole year.  So, triple the size for only $10 more.

I first purchased AG's salt/sulfate free shampoo at a local beauty store.  $15 for a regular sized bottle.  *Cringe*

I just saw the triple size bottle on Ulta's website for $21.99, plus they have a $3.50 off coupon code and 8% cash back through Ebates.  So, for almost the same price, triple the amount of shampoo and that should last probably 6 months (prevent me from coloring my hair too often!)

Lastly, I love Lululemon workout gear but it's very pricey.  I own 3 pieces and got them all on sale at the nearby outlet store.  The cropped pants I've worn 230582 times are finally starting to get stretched out/loose.  Last night after putting some items on eBay to try to sell, I figured why not check for some Lulu gear?  Score!  A pair of workout shorts for $22 (normally $52) and I'll have them by this Saturday.  The consignment shop claims they were maybe worn once.  Their products are great because they're moisture wicking and SUPER comfortable.

So my advice to you?  SHOP AROUND!  Sure, it might take some time but to me, it's fun and sort of a hobby.  I am not sure if that sounds lame but oh well!  Happy thrifty shopping!

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  1. Holy crap, I'm blown away by your Ebates return!