Monday, May 13, 2013

Eating Out..Or Not

Ok, this might be hard but the last few months, I feel we've spent too much $ eating out.  We frequent a few local restaurants that take coupons from, however it's the same 1 or 2 so it can get old quick and when it's not there, the bill ends up being $50 for 2 of us.

This should include coffee.  $2 a day doesn't seem like a lot but times 30 that's $60 a month.  I definitely don't get coffee out every day so it's probably closer to 15-20 but still.  Unnecessary.  I can make it at home.  1 k-cup = 50 cents.

It's tempting, especially on Fridays after work.  We live next to a town that has a ton of restaurants with outdoor seating so now that the weather is nice & warm, it's definitely hard to resist.

So starting today, even though it's the 13th of the month, I vow to not eat out for 1 month unless someone else is paying, LOL...kidding.

It's off to a good start minus the coffee stop this morning.  I had an apple and a Think Thin bar for breakfast, am about to have some strawberries I packed and I have leftover dinner for lunch today (chicken madeira with vegetables and potato).

Not to mention that eating out is not usually healthy.

How often do you eat out?  Do you feel like you usually spend the same for 2 people?


  1. Hi Rachel! Jayson eats out for lunch a lot because he drives around all day and is never in the same place twice. We probably eat out for dinner 2-3 times a month. Since I'm a vegetarian who also doesn't drink alcohol or soda, my meal (total) is usually $10-15 max, and Jayson may order a soda or one drink, so he'll be at $15-20. We don't usually go anywhere fancy (maybe Chili's or CPK, etc.). So our bill is around $25-35. But like you said, times 3 that's close to $100/month.

    1. That's true. If we feel like wine with dinner, we will usually go to a BYOB place and buy a bottle for $10 versus $6 per glass at the restaurant. It still adds up though. I saw a funny cartoon where the guy says they should eat in tonight because it's cheaper so the woman says sure, let me go to the store and grab a few things. Then y ou see the cashier saying "that will be $46.50 please." Saro and I have definitely done this... plan to go to the store to pick up a "few" things for dinner and it ends up being just as much as going out, lol. I have to get better at doing a big food shop, utilizing the freezer for meat or fish (and then remembering to take it out in the morning!)

  2. BA! Eating out eats a budget! I have been budgeting to eat out a couple of times a months, but seems like I always go over! I'm going to go with 30-60 depending on what meal it is. The buy one get one is a great deal, but I never seem to save them!

    I have my 1/2 marathon this month and have been making us eat home so we can indulge/hotel/not care if we blow a weekend budget :)

    P.S. I'm an accountant. I budget way too much!