Thursday, May 9, 2013

Jake & Holly's Finish The Sentence Linkup

Linking up with Holly & Jake today!
Unlike my sibling(s) (that I love very much)...Born & raised an only child, folks.
My best friend says..."Imma stab you" when someone pisses her off. Mean Ang
People call me...Pinky because I'm fair skinned and turn red easily if embarrassed or worked up about something.  Oh and my family calls me Rat beacuse my 2 front teeth are a LITTLE bigger than the rest. 
Nice right?  Haha I'm so used to it though.  29 and they still call me that, I just respond as if they said my real name.  I have a collection of toy rats, magnets, from said family members.
I most often dream...a LOT when I sleep for more than 8 hours.  It's so weird.  7-8 hours and I'm good.  Anything more than 8, very vivid and sometimes scary dreams.
The best part of my day...driving home from work!  Especially when it's nice out, windows down & knowing I'll be home in 8 minutes.
I really don't understand...why Murphy (the dog) has to take a toy outside with him every time he has to poop.

I get really annoyed...when Saro leaves a drop of something left in the fridge.  Like a drop of 1/2 &1/2.  "But I left it for you" he'll say.  Hmmmmmm.
There's nothing like a...good, sweaty work out!
Lately, I can't get enough...Ice cream.  Whoops.
One thing I am NOT is...high strung.
I spent too much money work clothes recently, and I still *need* more pants.
I want to to drive stick shift.
If I ever met Channing Tatum, I would...faint.
I can't stop...couponing.  I'm not extreme but even when ordering online, I look for a coupon code or deal first.
Never have I ever...gone for a run and regretted it.  Even the 13.1 miles this past Sunday and dealing with pretty severe pain currently.  Nope, not an oz. of regret.
Reese Witherspoon...

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  1. HA! I don't say it as much anymore though. :)