Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fruit Chia Shake

This morning I tried my first breakfast shake with chia seeds.  Not bad.  It was 1.5 cups unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 1 tbsp PB2, one cup frozen berries, 1/2 TBSP chia.  I do however, have to find a different protein powder.  The one I'm currently using has fake sugar in it.  Not a fan.  Does anyone like a powder that lacks sugar AND fake sugar?  Let me know!  I'd rather throw a little raw honey in there for sweetener, if needed.

Today I will also be joining in on the May Meltdown with some other bloggers.  We are going to do a Jillian Michaels DVD of our choice for a month.  I'm hoping to do it 5x a week.

Mean Ang and I will be doing Ripped in 30 together tonight!

Ripped in 30 and this morning's shake.

As for the half which in just FOUR days, I'm still on the fence.  I am feeling MUCH better than I was on Monday (I've gone to the chiro twice and tonight will be the third).  I think it's definitely nerve damage because when my heel strikes, I feel a pain in my hip and sometimes it shoots around my hamstring and knee.  It's not a sore muscle.

Even if I decide not to run it, I will know I've tried EVERYTHING I can think of this week.  Even down to wrapping my leg with Saran and an Ace bandage at night.  Taking anti-inflammatories, resting, stretching.  Sunday might be scary because by then, it'll be two weeks since I ran.  Maybe that will be a good thing!

I'm hoping to step outside again at lunch to walk 1.5-2 miles.

Enjoy your day and join the JM challenge with us :)


  1. Jayson's been eating chia seeds a lot lately - he just sprinkles it on top of whatever he's having (meat, salad, etc.). Sometimes we can get our 7 year old to sprinkle it on top of his pasta!

    1. Lol... have you tried it yet? I couldn't really taste it in my smoothie - just had a bit of a crunch, like flax seed.

  2. I just started 30 Day Shred, today! I sort of wanted to throw the remote at my tv, lol. I have had chia chips and they're quite filling and tasty!

  3. That smoothie sounds good, I hope you find a better protein powder! I hate fake sugar! It tastes to much like chemicals!!
    Yes, even if you don't run on Sunday at least you know you've done everything you can!! Take some time to rest and heal your body. There will always be another race.
    But if you do decide to ru, I'll be thing of you!!