Wednesday, May 29, 2013

So What?! Wednesday Link Up

Happy Hump Day!  I'm glad it's already Wednesday even though it feels like Tuesday.  Today is the 155th day in a row I've logged in to My Fitness Pal (it would be more but I forgot to log in on Christmas Day!).  If you'd like to be friends on there, my user name is rayac1221.  I complete my food and exercise diary 99% of the time, even if it was a "bad" day calorie wise.

I'm linking up with Shannon today for SO WHAT Wednesday!

So what if:

*I'm up 5 lbs (!) since I last weighed in about a week ago!  I woke up feeling EXTREMELY thirsty and bloated today so I'm hoping it's water weight!  Soo frustrating because I worked out continuously all weekend and last night.

*I continue to stop for that coffee in the morning (and sometimes at lunch) because it just tastes THAT much better.  I still think I need to stop this though.

*There are dishes in the sink from last night.

*There is still folded laundry from Saturday sitting on my dresser.

*We've lived in our house for over 2 years and still don't have permanent window treatments.  Do you KNOW how much they cost?  Oof.

*If I had too much beer this weekend and that's probably the cause of being up 5 lbs - lol.

What are you saying "so what?" about this week?


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Erin :) Add me if you're on there!

  2. We've lived in our house for five years and still don't have window treatments. They intimidate me!

    1. I hear ya....the price intimidates me for sure.

  3. You know, it might be that time of the month where we all become human water balloons. Plus it's summer. I feel all swollen and gross in the summer.

    1. Yeah.. well I'm down between 2 & 3 lbs since yesterday, but still. 90 and humid today and tomorrow.