Tuesday, April 23, 2013

9 Miles, Hair Color & Nice Weather

It's still a little cooler than we'd like it to be, but it was overall a nice, sunny weekend.  Murphy & I had a lot of fun in the yard on Sunday.  He was running around in circles for hours.  Needless to say, he was pooped by late afternoon.

My cousin does my hair, so I had an early appointment Saturday morning for a root touch up - goodbye grays!  Yup, 29 and they're pretty noticeable.  Good thing my hair is light though. 

Saturday afternoon we went for 9 miles and here are the results:

Duration - 1:40:20
Pace - 11:08 min/mi
Distance: 9.00 miles (not even 1/10th more LOL)

I felt good throughout.  I actually got a different water belt - the new one just has one 8oz bottle rather than two 16 oz.  which was a little heavy and bulky.  It was definitely nice to have water during that long run HOWEVER, I experienced lower back pain all Saturday night and in to Sunday.  I feel okay today but not 100% and my hip is a little achy.  I'm staying positive as I got to the dr. on Thursday.  This week I will work on core.

I am happy with those results.  If I stay around that time for the half, I should finish in 2 hours and 20 minutes, approximately.  Who knows, the inspiration from other runners and the crowd might boost me up a bit!

Happy Tuesday & enjoy your week!


  1. So I attempted to comment earlier today and am not seeing it...trying again.

    AWESOME RUN! Looks like perfect weather. Also, my hips and lower back were hurting but I added extra stretched targeted for hips/back and am feeling so much better! Good luck figuring out what works for you!

    1. Thanks! The weather was nice - cool and sunny. I've decided I like running in cooler weather rather than hot. 50s is good! I bought a foam roller last night (see my post today) and used that last night for my hips, shins and calves. The legs are feeling a little better but my left hip is achy still. I'm going to the dr. tomorrow! My half marathon is only 10 days away.

  2. Great job on this 9 miles Rachel! I've never used a water belt.... even with half marathons. I just don't think my body needs water throughout the run and I chug after! That being said, if I ever went to a full, I'd probably invest in one. :)

    Our Journey

    1. Thanks! I feel nauceous if I chug after.. so I have to sip during. PS - I can't click on your blog link, it comes up as an error!