Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday, Monday

I was *this close* to staying in bed this morning, however I hate calling out sick and I'm still relatively new.  I didn't sleep well at all - tossed & turned all night.  I wonder if a more firm mattress will be better for my back.  Currently my hips are killing me sitting down.  I keep standing up to stretch.

Tonight I'm going to the chiropractor - first time ever.  Not thrilled about someone touching me and cracking me but whatever.  On that note, Saturday after I got a manicure, I went across the street to get a 30 minute massage.  The lady told me to get undressed and I told her "No."  I know it's not the same effect but I just wasn't comfortable and not in the best of moods.  Plus it's not a fancy schmancy massage parlor.  The closest real massage I've ever had was in Jamaica.  On the beach.  In my bathing suit.  Farthest I think I'll go to nude - ha.  Anyway, I can't say the massage helped because I'm still extremely sore.

Yesterday, Saro ran 10 miles in about 1 hour, 45 minutes which is AMAZING.  I'm very happy for him!  I think he will complete the half in about 2 & 1/4 hours.  I walked 6 miles and was in pain on and off during it.  At least if I don't do it, I'll know I had an influence on him and that he finished.

I know it's not the worst thing in the world to drop out of the half but if I still feel the same in 6 days, I'm going to have to.  Unless the chiropractor somehow works wonders, I think I will be on the side line.  I think the pain is getting worse and not better.  Yesterday I figured, let me try to speed walk as fast as I can and as long as I can stay under 15 min/mi, I'm good.  Let me tell you, that's not easy.  It's borderline jogging.  You have to walk REALLY fast and remind yourself to stay at that pace.  I think jogging is actually easier!  My body just can't take the impact right now.  I started around 14:30 and ended at 15:30 min/mi.

On a better note, I'm excited I won Kate's book giveaway!  I hope you have a good Monday and week ahead :)

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