Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Not A Quitter

Five miles was on the schedule for last night.  I knew my lower legs were sore but I'm asking myself - why am I this sore after over a YEAR of running and being active 3-4x a week?!  I'm finally going to the doctor next Thursday after work so I'm going to ask a bunch of questions.  I'm normally not THIS sore.  At work yesterday, I kept stretching my calves and shins under my desk, thinking that would help prepare me for the 5 miles ahead.  It didn't.

The new water belts arrived so I figured I'd try it out to get used to how it feels while running.  I had to adjust it a bit, but it was nice to have some water when needed.  It also fit my phone and house key.  At mile TWO, I felt like crying.  Nicely, Saro was slowing down to wait for me even though I told him to keep going.

I'm supposed to run another 5 tomorrow but I won't.  Tonight I'm working at the PT job and tomorrow I have a work dinner right after work.  I might do an easy 3 miles on Friday, but I'm not sure yet.  Sunday is 9 miles.

I stayed at around 12 minutes/mile last night which is slow for me but I'm glad I finished.

My left calf felt like it was stuck in flex mode.  Imagine flexing your calf and it being stuck like that - that's how it felt and my shins were screaming and I felt shooting pains.

Finished...standing on the outside of our yard.

Fake smile mid run.

Anyway, to the water cooler I go!

Have a good day.

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  1. I can't even run 30 feet without crying so I consider your run a huge success. Are you going to get compression socks? I feel like that might help with your shins and calves.