Monday, June 10, 2013

5K For Cancer & Whole30 Update

Happy Monday, all!

Yesterday we ran the Ameican Cancer Society GWB challenge.  I originally signed up for the 10K but decided to to the 5K due to the pain still lingering in my hip and lower back.  I finished in 33 minutes, 32 seconds at 10:49 min/mile.  Pretty happy with that!

It was a really nice day and felt good to do something for a cause.  Our team raised around $550.

As for the Whole30, it's going just okay.  I went 5 days without half and half in my coffee but caved today and used 1 TBSP organic heavy cream, NO sugar (as I've been doing for a few years).  The Whole30 is very strict and they say even if you have one bite or lick of anything "not whole30," to start over.  Well, I'm not starting over - I have not "cheated" food wise at all.  I've only been eating meat, an insane amount of vegetables, coconut milk, fruit and eggs.  No sugar (real or fake), yogurt, oatmeal, rice, pasta, or bread of any kind.  For me, those are easier to avoid than 1 TBSP cream in my coffee.  My mid section feels smaller and tighter (the ab challenge is helping that as well).

I think a lot of people think heavy cream is bad because it's high in fat, however it's not processed, so which is worse?!  Whole30 is based on cleansing your body and actually getting your body used to good fats - avocado, cocounut milk/oil, olive oil, etc.  I've read a lot of forums and many people who eat Paleo use heavy cream so I'm going to try that for now. 

The scale has not budged.

Also, I tried coconut milk in my coffee - not a fan.  However, I whipped a can of coconut milk with vanilla extract and had over berries - AMAZING.  Freeze it for an hour and then try it with berries.  It tasted just like heavy whipped cream.

Have you tried Whole30?  If so, did you make it through the 30 days EXACTLY how it's supposed to be followed?  I'm curious.

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  1. The no-yogurt thing sounds so tough. At least you can have coconut milk! They don't like dairy in general on the WholeDay30, right?