Friday, June 14, 2013

Willpower Went Out The Window

A few girlfriends came over last night for a jewelry party and I made two different dairy packed dips, beer bread and cut up carrots, radishes and cucumbers.  I had maybe 2 TBSP of the dip with the veggies.  NO beer bread but plenty of wine.. ugh!

Another birthday in the office today.  TIRAMISU.  My favorite.  I had 3 bites :(

I've had paleo egg muffins every day for breakfast for the last 10 days with 1/4 avocado and 1 cup fruit or unsweetened apple sauce.  Lunch has been meat with vegetables or salad.  NO snacks at all.

Today the office bought us lunch and I ordered the "best" option - grilled chicken caesar salad, NO cheese, NO croutons and dressing on the side.  So basically romaine and chicken - how exciting.  The tough part is that I have no clue how they marinate the chicken or what's in the dressing.  I could have been worse and ordered pizza but nope.  I honestly didn't even want pizza.

Tonight will be grilled chicken and I'm thinking about making some paleo pesto (no cheese) to spread on it with sliced tomatoes.

The Whole30 hasn't been 100% but my mid section feels very slim and I'm wearing jeans today that I couldn't get on a year ago.

So, there's my Friday confession!!  Haha...have a good weekend!

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