Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What A Day & The End of An Era

Yesterday was a strange day.  Not bad, just strange.  Saro called me around 4:30 to tell me a young girl backed up into his car in the K-Mart parking lot which is about a mile from my job.  He went to buy us a new A/C (more on that below) and a kiddie pool for Murphy (yes, the dog)...what a guy!

He was fine and all and the girl just got her license a week ago.  Literally.  She bribed him with $150 and he was like no - I'm calling the police.  She cried.

He was annoyed because in his 20 years of driving, he's never been in an accident.  Although it was *just* a fender bender, but still.

I came home from work and saw that the oh-so-very-80s mirror on our closet door in the bathroom had slid off during the day when we weren't home.  I am assuming from the heat we've been having and the fact that there's no A/C in the bathroom.  Thank goodness it didn't break, just a small chip.  It's a pretty big mirror @ 3-4 feet long.  The prior owners tried to use those foam sticky things to hold it up.  Brilliant.  Eh well - it held up for at least 2 years so I guess that's not too bad.

So yeah, the A/C in our bedroom decided to die a few days ago which is why Saro was at K-Mart.  That thing literally sounded like it was going to croak.  It's now on the curb.

Things could definitely be worse.

Moving on to the 2nd part of my post - The End of An Era.

I quit my part time job yesterday.  Well, I gave my two weeks notice.  I have to work there this Saturday and probably Sunday and the following Saturday.

I've been putting it off for a while now but was hesitant because I've been there for TWELVE years.  Since I was a junior in high school.  They've been very good to me (for the most part!) and flexible with my full time work schedule, etc.  I'm going to miss the people - some who have turned into life long friends, but I won't miss working at 6:30 AM on the weekends or the occasional night shift!

Sayonara, farewell, see ya!

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