Friday, June 21, 2013

Share Your Sunnies & Summer Accessories Link Up

TGIF and Happy Summer!  The longest day of the year, love it.  Last night leaving the restaurant after dinner, it was still light out at 8:30 PM - love that.

My birthday is the complete opposite, December 21st, the least amount of day light!

I'm linking up with Holly & Laura today for their "Share Your Sunnies & Summer Accessories Link Up."

I've been wearing these sun glasses for a few years now.  They're cheap and I don't remember where I bought them.  I'd still like to splurge on a nice pair but it's not really a priority right now and I will probably end up breaking them anyway!

I wear them pretty much daily and even when I'm running, or else I squint and then have a headache from the sun.

Other essential summer accesories for me include a big ol' hat to protect me from the sun.  Although in this picture, I probably had too many drinks at the pool bar the day before, hence why I'm looking miserable the following day.  These glasses are different than the above!

Also, plenty of SPF 50!  My Irish skin does not like the sun.
I have a fun weekend ahead - tonight a BBQ after work, tomorrow NYC & Hoboken and Sunday is Saro's birthday.  I still didn't get him a gift.  Whoops!

Have a great weekend...I hope the weather where you are is just as nice as it is here in NJ!


  1. I need my big hat too! Glad I found another jersey blogger!!!