Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Early Birthday Tribute!

To my one and only, love of my life & my best friend, Saro or Seero as I like to call him.  Happy Birthday my love!!!  I think it'll be a great year ;)  Thank you for everything you do and for being so nice, kind and patient.  I feel blessed to know you and to share this life with.  Thanks for making me laugh until my stomach hurts or until I'm coughing uncontollably...ha!

Isn't he the cutest?  I love this picture of him.

His senior yearbook picture.  Lookin' good!
 He'll be 38 on Sunday and my MIL will be 70 (going on 30!) on Saturday.  Seriously, if you met her, you wouldn't believe she's going to be 70.  I admire her as she still works full time, loves to walk at night, has girls nights out, takes trips to Atlantic City with her friends, and can probably take out anyone in a game of Flip Cup...LOL.  She's just hilarious and fun to be around.

Swinging on the hammock in our back yard!

She makes the best jasmine rice, kebabs, hummus and tabboule.  We love her and wish her a great 70th birthday! 

We will be celebrating this awesome duo over dinner in Hoboken on Saturday night.  I'm so glad it's going to be a nice weekend for it.  If you're not familiar with Hoboken, it's a small city on the Hudson river - opposite of midtown/lower Manhattan, NY and we live about 20 miles from there.

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  1. You're so sweet, Rachel! Happy Birthday to both!