Monday, December 9, 2013

Getting Older

Ok, I know 30 isn't old at all but I'm feeling it.  Mentally and physically.  The physical part has been mentioned here the last few weeks and months.
The thing that bothers me the most is not seeing friends as much.  We all have our own jobs, priorities, homes, kids, etc.  and for all of us to get together is always a challenge and a production.  I guess this is part of life but it bothers me a lot more than it probably should.
When I used to work two jobs, I missed out on a lot of things because my Saturday and Sunday shifts began at 6:30am.  Not being a night person to begin with, I rarely went out those 3 years.  When I did, I'd regret it the entire day and ask myself why I went out and drank too many beers but then I'd remind myself that you only live once and you also need to enjoy yourself.
Now, every other weekend (for the most part), Saro's daughters are with us.  I'm aware I can go out and make plans with friends but since we only see them 4 days out of the month, I try to maximize that time.
It's funny.  The girls are now 17 & 18.  Looking back, I LOVED that age.  Finishing up high school, seeing friends every day.  I wouldn't want to go back to it though - if that makes sense.  It was great fun while it lasted but the awkwardness, drama and heart ache?  No thanks.
I guess by missing out on fun and enjoyable things in life due to crappy situations, it's just easier to stop asking the person who says "no" more than "yes."
Does anyone else feel this way?  Bueller?

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