Thursday, December 26, 2013

New Year Simple Green Smoothie Challenge

Does anyone want to join in on this with me??  It's free to sign up and I've done it before.  I actually did about 40 days straight of having a green smoothie each day.
Sign up HERE!
Each week you will receive a shopping list in your email Inbox.  So yes, you do have to spend money but it's on fruits and vegetables.  I'm pairing this with continuing Couch to 5K.
The wedding is 4 months away so I'm really determined to slim down a bit and get rid of this bloat I've been feeling for the last few months!
You do NOT need a fancy schmancy $400 Vitamix blender.  I have a Nutribullet but a regular blender will do just fine.
Soooo, who's in?!
Think GREEN!

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