Tuesday, December 3, 2013

This or That Link up : Home Edition

Happy Tuesday, all!
I'm linking up with the girls for This or That!
  • Screened in porch, wrap around deck?  Wrap around deck!!  They look a little nicer but I wouldn't mind a screened in porch, either.  Our yard has a lot of bugs!
  • Big luxurious bathtub, huge walk in closet? Huge walk in closet, for sure!!  I have too much crap.  We have a big bathtub and I barely use it! (It's separate from the shower).
  • Kitchen with an island, kitchen with a breakfast bar?  Since we are hoping to redo our kitchen within the next year or two, I'm thinking about opening it up and adding a breakfast bar.  Or an island.  Eek, I don't know.  I'd love either one, or both!  Ha!  Let me win the lottery first.
  • Big front yard, big back yard?   Big back yard which we already have!  More privacy and room for parties with lots of people :)
  • Bountiful garden, nearby grocery store?  Both!  In the summer we do have a garden but it's definitely not big enough to rarely go to the store.  I'm so careful about what I buy now.  Friggin' GMOs in everything now!

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    1. I totally agree with all your answers!! Now, if only I could win the lottery too and build all the things I dream of!!