Monday, December 16, 2013

Window Treatments

Funny, the things you get excited about as a homeowner!
After almost 3 years in our house, we bit the bullet and got custom shades for our kitchen, living room and dining room.  We held off because they can cost an arm & a leg be very expensive and we have 20 windows between both rooms!
We debated about which type to get - cellular, wood, roman shades, etc. but went with cellular/honeycomb.   They're easy to clean with the brush attachment on the vacuum.
We had two companies come for quotes over the last 2 years and it ranged between $3,500-$7,000.  No WAY could/would we spend that.  The windows are not an even number so we couldn't just buy them from a store; they had to be custom sized.
It took us almost 2 hours just to measure everything ourselves and place the order.  We even have to return a couple of them because they're too wide.  By about 1/8 of an inch - ugh!  So that's the downside to not paying thousands for labor, lol.  Oh well!  We got most of them up over the weekend and they look great - more privacy, and it opens the room up so much more. 
We live on a fairly busy corner so we decided to get top down/bottom up cellular shades.  That way, we can pull them down from the top or up from the bottom.
Here a couple pictures:

If you're looking to get new shades/blinds, I recommend Blind Saver.  We saved a ton of money although we did shop on Cyber Monday so we saved 50% off Levolor plus got $50 back from shopping through Ebates.  Free shipping and perfect fit guarantee so in case you measure off (which we did), they'll ship you new ones at no additional cost (I just have to find out about returning the others).  After placing the order on 12/2, they arrived on 12/13.
We still have to order for the bedrooms.  Our bedroom has a bay window.  The other bedroom has a bay and a regular window.   Oof, so many windows but that's one of the reasons why we love the house.
The little things in life!!!
Here's to a short work week and my birthday weekend coming up :)

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