Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Something Blue & Rehearsal Invites

Welcome back to Wedding Wednesday!  Yesterday, I received my new monogram on a satin piece.  I got it from Etsy at this shop and it is to be sewn into the inside of my wedding gown.  I thought it was a cute touch, even though no one will see it.  It'll be my something blue!
I have to admit, I stole the idea from someone else's blog!  Kristyn, was it yours??  I looked through your posts but couldn't find it, ha!  I read a lot of Wedding Wednesday posts ;)

Also, today marks 5 months until our big day!  Nothing else really new to report except that we got the sticker label for the favors and ordered the rehearsal invitations from Minted.  Their stuff is a little pricey but super cute and nice.  We only needed to order 25, so not too terrible.  Here's the design we went with:
Dinner Party Rehearsal Dinner Invitations
I changed up the fonts and made it a little bigger.  We liked this invite - simple, cute and to the point.
We are inviting about 40 people.  After the quick rehearsal/walk through at the venue (the officiant might not even be able to attend but the wedding coordinator will be there), we will have dinner at a local restaurant, very well known for their gourmet neapolitan pizza.  My cousin is the manager there so I know they'll do a great job!  It'll be fun and relaxed :)

OH!  I also ordered my veil.  I can't share the details though in case the fiance is reading!!
Have a good day :)


  1. Ha! No, I don't think it was my blog. Although, I do love that idea and I might be doing the same thing (we will see). I also love your rehearsal dinner invites. Those are SO cute yet classy. I really love that. I hadn't thought about invites for the rehearsal dinner yet. Might need to get on that!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Those invites are really cute! I love the little necklace and tie in the lettering! :)

  3. Those invites are darling! I don't think we are doing a rehearsal dinner, well not a formal one really...

  4. Those invitations are so cute!! I am still trying to figure out who is throwing our rehearsal dinner. Are you throwing yours yourself?

  5. Love those invitations! Super cute!

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