Tuesday, December 17, 2013

This or That: Christmas Link Up!

Only one week until Christmas!  It came so quick, as usual!

  • Celebrity Christmas carol remakes, Chipmunk carol remakes?  Neither?  Lol.  My favorite Christmas movies to watch each year are Christmas Vacation, It's a Wonderful Life, Elf.
  • Gift cards, gift baskets?  I like personalized gift baskets or ones you can create your own on a website.  A lot of the premade ones I don't end up buying because I know the person might not like a couple of the items in there.  Decisions, decisions!  Recently, I made a Bloody Mary basket for my Uncle for his birthday.  He loved it!
  • Naughty or Nice? Nicey nice!  ;)
  • Getting everything on your wish list, Giving someone everything on their wish list?  Definitely giving.  I probably can't get them everything, though!  I also like to see what people choose to give me.  Exchanging gifts is fun :)

  • Present on Christmas Eve, Presents on Christmas morning?  As I got older, my Mom and I would exchange on Christmas Eve and then on Christmas day with the rest of the family.  With Saro, we've done both.  Usually we get bored on Christmas Eve and decide to open them - ha!
    Have a good day!  It's snowing again here in NJ!


    1. What websites do you use for the gift baskets?? What a great idea!!!!

      LOL, I've been begging Andy to open gifts for a week now. Luckily we have somewhere to go Xmas Eve or we'd be opening gifs then, too!

    2. It's snowing here in NH right now too! I am going to get snowed in at work. Thanks for linking up with us!

      It's so close I can Taste it...