Monday, March 25, 2013

2nd Post Today!

I had some unexpected free time tonight so I wanted to share our favorite rooms in our house  - the dining room and living room.  Here are some pictures:

View from our back entrance.

View from fireplace.  Do you see our cat, Tux?

Panorama and Murphy :)

We definitely spend most of or time in here.  It's a nice sized room - long and narrow so we feel this is the only way to arrange the room, but I'm not a designer so who knows.  I'm sure there are other options.  Where you see all the curtains, we really want to get custom window treatments - when we get a few thousand dollars, ha!  So those are temporary.  We usually have the curtains behind the couch down because we live on sort of a busy street and it's a corner lot.

Hope you enjoyed a peek at our home....enjoy your evening!

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