Monday, March 11, 2013

Cupid's Chase 5K

The long awaited 5K finally arrived on Saturday!  It was pretty chilly when we got there around 9am but we quickly warmed up.  The course had a couple hills but nothing major.  It was a lot of fun and we had good results.  We came in #104 and #105 out of about 155 people, finishing in just over 31 minutes.  I'm happy with that pace.

Yesterday was 5 more miles per the half marathon training schedule.  I'm really feelin' it today.  Yesterday, I had the toe numbness again as well as some knee pain.  Driving to work this morning was pretty terrible.  I almost had to pull over, that's how stiff and painful it got.

So, to the ortho I go on Friday.

Here are some pictures from the 5K.

Short and sweet post today.  Have a good day!


  1. Great job, Rachel and Saro!! Hope you feel better soon, Rach!

  2. Excellent finishing times! I hope your pain subsides soon--RICE that B! :)

    1. Thanks Kate! I'm definitely going to RICE that B in a little while!