Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Weigh In & Shopping Trip

Happy Tuesday, all!

I'm still *around* the 16 lbs lost since a year ago but more importantly, yesterday I found that I'm down 2 dress sizes.  Yes, the shopping spree happened.  I spent quite a bit but I got five pairs of pants, six blouses, four sweaters, two camis, two tees, one pair of jeans, & one skirt.

I shopped at Loft (thanks for the suggestion, Silva!) and White House Black Market (thanks for the suggestion, Ang!).  The ladies were very helpful at both stores and they weren't crowded which was nice.

It felt good to clean out some of my drawers and closet last night.  That will probably continue tonight.  Why do I have 20357390258 pairs of socks?!  I will be donating some of the clothes that I don't wear anymore or see if Saro's girls would like anything first.

Nice clothes are indeed pricey but I got almost everything on sale and I had coupons, so I didn't feel as bad.  I'm so out of the fashion loop!

I'm also digging our new pillow cover which I ordered from Etsy.  I already had the pillow but I believe she sells them also, or you can buy at a craft store.  If you'd like the name of the shop, let me know!  It was $15 and she can do any state with a heart near where you live.  A cute idea is to get one with your favorite place on it.

On a running note, I'm supposed to do 4 miles today.  My knee is feeling a lot better and after talking with someone who's "in my shoes" literally, I think it might be runners knee.


  1. I love shopping for smaller sizes! But I hate spending money! I feel like I spend so much on clothes, between keeping up with the weight-loss and outfitting myself for running/workouts. I've started going to thrift stores, and that's helped. But I agree: sometimes, you just need to invest in those solid pieces you know you'll wear a ton. Looks like you got a good haul--are those mint skinnies I see? :)

    1. Yes, me too (on the hate spending money) but I hope these will last me a while. It's definitely great losing weight and toning up but it can cost a pretty penny. Yup - I've spent a lot on running/exercising as well. Those are mint capris :) I did buy a pair of mint skinnies at Kohl's a few weeks ago!

  2. Now we need to see pictures of you IN these clothes!