Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday Blues

I really don't mind Mondays but I'm feeling otherwise this morning.  Yesterday, I ran near my Mom's house (it's more flat) for 5 miles.  My time was a little over 53 minutes.  Around mile 3, my right 2nd toe and my "bad" knee started to hurt.  I kept going but slowed down a bit.  I iced it a few times last night, took Motrin, glucosamine, etc. and woke up feeling pretty crappy today.  The knee is super stiff and sore and I think I have a slight cold.

Saro ran later in the afternoon and finished in 47 minutes which is amazing.  I'm very proud of him.  He's now 195 lb. (from 220ish a year ago) and looks great.  :)

Another thing annoying me this morning is that yesterday before my run, I took my car for a wash and now, my driver's seat is pushed ALL THE WAY up to the steering wheel and is stuck there so needless to say, it as pretty uncomfortable and probably NOT safe, driving this morning.  I'm heading out of work early to get it looked at.  I'll take my lap top home and work from there.

Vent over...  Things could always be worse!

Last night, I made a Skinny Taste recipe - Sheperd's Pie with turkey meat and yams (instead of white potatoes and beef).  It came out really good and is a good comfort food for a chilly day.  I entered all of the ingredients in MFP and it came up with 494 calories per serving (6 servings) but I think it was closer to 7-8 servings so it was probably closer to 400 calories which isn't bad for dinner.

I hope you're off to a better start this Monday :)

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