Monday, March 25, 2013

Have you tried cashew cream?

My friend over at introduced me to using cashew cream rather than heavy cream.  It's cashews soaked in water for atleast 8 hours and then blended with water.  I decided to try it last night with one of her recipes - chicken with "vodka sauce."  Head over to her page and check it out.  It came out REALLY good and flavorful.

I ran a 5K on my own yesterday and finished in just over 30 minutes.  I seem to be getting quicker until the knee pain kicks in - LOL.  I just switched insurances so I'm going to see which local doctor can help me.  I'm not sure if an ortho helps with joint pain?  We will see.

We took Murphy to the dog park on Saturday and he really loved that!  He was pooped afterwards.  He slept for about 12 hours, ha.

Other than that - nothing much to share.  Have a great week :)

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