Friday, January 18, 2013

Holy garlic Greek food!

Last night, my best friend and I, +Angela Verrone went out for Greek food.  Her blog is

We've been friends for nearly 3 decades.  We met in pre-school, went to different elementary schools and then the same middle school and HS.  In 1998, right before we started high school, my mom bought a house right next door to her family's house so needless to say, we've spent a lot of time together.  We pretty much talk daily and see each other often.  I pretty much tell her everything and she's a great friend! 

Saro said our bedroom smelled like garlic this morning.  Yikes - REALLY?!  The food had that much garlic in it??  LOL kind of embarrassing but also funny.  I brought the leftovers home and did notice the fridge was a little stinky this morning - haha. 

I had their chicken special which is grilled chicken with olive oil, orzo, feta, tomato, spinach and well - GARLIC. 

This week was pretty busy at work.  Tonight, we are going running after work (3.1) and tomorrow we are going down to my cousin's house for dinner.  We'll bring our dog Murphy since we don't like leaving him for too long (sappy, I know) but he's still young and plus, we both work from 6:30-3 tomorrow.  My cousin is an hour away so we don't want him to be alone ALL day and night.  They have a fenced in yard so he can play out there for a bit and I'm sure he'll love their three cats :)  He loves cats!

Monday I am off for Martin Luther King Jr. Day BUT I have a dentist appointment - great!  I have to get fitted for a crown (I think) because of this toothache I've had for over a month now.  Next week, I'm looking forward to our once a month girls night at Angela's house and then celebrating her birthday on Saturday with our friends for a brunch!

Still planking but haven't the last two nights :-/ Will tonight!

Have a great weekend!

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