Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January in NJ

Yes, people, it's cold.  We live in the north east.  This morning it was 17 and is only supposed to get up to 23 with high winds.  I'm just not sure why people who grew up here and know the climate, still complain about cold temperatures and snow.  I actually enjoy both.  Cold weather makes for a cozy spot in front of the fire place!  Big snow storms mean work might be closed and I can work from home :)  Speaking of that, I'm hearing 6+ inches of snow starting late Friday morning.  We'll see!

This weekend was fun.  I won't say I ate that healthy though!  Friday we tried out a local BBQ place.  We both thought it was good.  I had the BBQ pulled pork with minimal sauce (skipped the bread! lol), coleslaw and baked beans.  We also split a bowl of their black bean soup which also had shredded pork in it.  Different and good.

Saturday I worked my normal shift at my part time job - 6:30-3.  I can't say I hate it because I don't.  I love my coworkers and I've made life long friends there.  This is my 12th year there.  If and when I can work full time without HAVING to work part time, I will.  Right now and for the last 5 years, my student loan has been kicking my butt.

After work, we drove down to my cousin's house with the dog.  She made a great dinner - whole wheat lasagna, winter salad with butternut squash and prosciutto, and boston cream cupcakes for dessert.  Man, it was good.  We had a nice time hanging out and catching up.

Sunday I worked my normal morning shift - 6:30-11 and then went for a run outside.  It was nice and warm - about 50 degrees.  I ran on the road which I haven't done in a while and today I'm feeling it in my shins!  Eek.  Here are the results:

Duration: 32:29
Distance: 3.11
Pace: 10:27 min/mi

This knocked about 3.5 minutes off of my last run, so I'm happy with it!  I like running on the road - more to see and other runners to wave at.  It's just nicer but you obviously have to be more alert and aware of cars.

After that and a shower, I actually tried to nap which I never do.  I usually do all laundry and clean on Sunday afternoons but since I knew I was off Monday, I said it can wait!  Now I know why I don't nap.  The phone rang a few times, Murphy was barking and anyone and any thing that walked by, and there were some other loud noises outside.  I probably slept for 15 minutes.  Oh well!

Sunday night we went to my Aunt Mary's for her birthday dinner.  She was really glad we went, so I was glad too.  She lives about 40 minutes north west of me.

Monday, Saro and I were both off together.  If I haven't mentioned this yet, it's rare due to our work schedules - so that was nice.  I had asked him if he could take off since I was off for MLK Jr. Day.  We had a nice breakfast, cleaned the basement, did some shopping (he got new running sneakers and I got a wicking shirt and some new non-cotton running socks), food shopped and grabbed a burger on the way home.

Right now in the crock pot I have 3 chicken breasts with vegetable broth, oregano, basil, lemon juice and red onion.  I'll make some quinoa and spinach to go with it.  Saro is working late tonight.  I'll do some core work outs when I get home.

I decorated the house a bit for Valentine's Day.  Nothing over board but just a few cute things.  I took a picture collage but Blogger still won't let me upload.  Is anyone else having this problem?

Have a good week!

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