Thursday, January 24, 2013


"Meh" is for a few reasons. 

1.) I have to work at my part time job tonight.  6-10:15.  It's a love/hate.  I'm working with my friend Crystal tonight and we always laugh.. mainly at ourselves for buying scratch off lotto tickets and usually losing (she has better luck than me though!).  I should have time to go home in between jobs to eat quick and change.

2.) I didn't get the job that I applied for back in December.  Everything happens for a reason, right?

3.) I keep fluctuating between 145 and 149 lb.  When I really started eating better, running and going to boot camp last March, I was 160.  So, 10-15 lb in a year isn't bad I suppose.  Ideally I'd like to lost another 10-15.  It'll come with time and I'm ok with how I look and feel now.  Clean eating and exercise is definitely worth it and for me, it's therapeutic (the exercising).  I do sometimes get frustrated with planning each and every meal since it requires more time that I'd like to spend doing other things.  I feel good when I have meals planned and cooked for the week - like this week!  I know I can always get a *pretty* healthy breakfast or lunch at the work cafeteria (they literally have everything - especially a great salad bar) but then that adds up. $5-$10 dollars a day which I really don't have!

Reviews are coming up at work so I'm hoping for a raise.  Something!  Anything!  Especially now that more money is coming out of our checks.. yuck.

Good news is that our property taxes went down a BIT so we will be paying about $100 less per month.  Helps for our savings.

Glad tomorrow is Friday.  We're expecting a few inches of snow tomorrow night. 

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