Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Window Treatment Debacle

In 3 days, we will have been in our house for two years already.  Our dining room is basically all windows and we have yet to install "proper" window treatments due to the cost.  For now, we have curtains from Ikea.  They look more like sheets :-/  We live on sort of a busy corner so we wanted something temporary for privacy.

Today, I scheduled a free consultation with Smith & Noble.  Right now they have a buy 2, get 1 free deal and we need coverage for about 20 windows between our dining room, living room and bedroom.  I'm still afraid of what it will cost though.  Anyway, it's a free consultation so it can't hurt.

I'm just not sure what to put up - drapes, blinds, shades.  Have to think about the cat playing with any cords or strings, cleaning them, etc.  Here are some pictures in case anyone has an idea :)  This was before we moved in (obviously).  The walls are a lighter/tan color.  I LOVE all of the windows but like I said since it's a busy corner, we need the privacy. 

Here's our couch. It's pretty big so we lost a bit of space between the back of the couch and the window.  There's about a 2 ft space.

Ah and here's a bit more recent photo.  You can see the white curtains on the left from Ikea.  I've recently read to hang curtain rods above the trim to make the room and windows look bigger.  That might work in front of the bay window but not the other windows because the ceiling meets the trim.  Decisions, decisions!

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