Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday, Monday

I always roll my eyes when reading Facebook statuses on Monday mornings.  The complaints......good grief.  Be glad you have a job to go to!  Here in NJ, it's supposed to snow so that combined with it being Monday, oh boy! ;)

This weekend was good.  Saro's daughters were here.  Friday after work, I did 4 miles on the treadmill.  Here are the results:

Distance: 4.00 mi
Duration: 42:12
Pace: 10:33 min/mi

Then, we went out for Mexican.  We are pretty sure we saw Ashley at the restaurant, from Real Housewives of NJ but not 100% sure.  Eh, not that exciting - lol.  Saturday I worked a half day then had brunch at my best friends condo for her birthday.  It was really good!  After that, I stopped to get a new hair dryer (exciting, I know).  Saturday night my mom and Saro's mom came by for dinner.

Sunday I worked in the morning, went to get new windshield wipers (another exciting moment but wow - my windshield is super clean now!), went to Shop Rite and went for a run.  I decided to go for 5 miles.  Here are the results:

Distance: 5.04
Duration: 56:54
Pace: 11:17 min/mi

I'm happy with this.  I think it would have been under 11 min/mi but I had to stop because I got a little lost and forgot which way to turn to get back home - LOL.  It was about 28-29 degrees out but very sunny so I wasn't that cold.  Afterwards, I felt really tired!  Not sure if it was from the run or waking up at 5:45AM, or a combo of both.  So, while Saro took the girls home, I napped for 2 hours instead of doing laundry and cleaning (my normal Sunday routine).  I woke up around 5:30 and made dinner.  Saro would be back around 7:30.  I made ground turkey meat sauce with zucchini and broccoli and whole wheat linguini.  It came out pretty good!

My shins are a bit sore this morning as well as my right inner thigh (still.  It has been 3 weeks) so I must have pulled a muscle.  I'm going to rest for 2-3 days (from running) and work on core stuff.

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