Friday, January 4, 2013


Happy Friday, all!  I am pretty sore this morning.  I'm doing a plank challenge this month.  Yesterday I did 90 seconds!  It brings you up to do a 4 minute plank... scary but I think I can do it.  Last night I did that plus two 12-13 minute you tube work out videos which also had more planking and Pilates/Yoga. 

I also made a homemade BBQ sauce, flax/almond pancakes and peanut butter oat bars.  I have chicken thighs with the BBQ sauce in the crock pot for tonight's dinner :)  I'll make some brown rice to go with it.  If you'd like any of the recipes, let me know.  They're not mine so I can't take credit ;)  This morning I dipped the pancakes (two small ones) in a little bit of REAL maple syrup (I'd say 1 TBSP) and munched on some blueberries with them.  They were really good and I'll definitely be making them more often...something different for breakfast!

Trader Joe's is a great store for the ingredients because they're not overly priced.  Agave nectar was $3.29 and I've seen it for $6 and up in some other stores.  Coconut oil was about $5 and I've seen it for $13!  All of these items will last you a while too.

This weekend I'm looking forward to celebrating a friends birthday at Zeppelin Hall Biergarten tomorrow night.  We are taking a limo for his 30th Birthday.

Have a great weekend!

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