Thursday, February 7, 2013

Cleanse - Day Two

All in all, yesterday wasn't terrible.  I consumed about 700 calories.  This morning I woke up with a headache, I believe due to lack of coffee yesterday.  So today I am having the coffee!  Long day ahead and I don't want to have a headache all day.  I guess this stuff really is addicting.. eek.  I only drink 1 cup in the morning!  Anyway, I packed sliced cucumbers and blanched asparagus (with greek yogurt/mustard dip) for snacks.  YUM! :)

As for the 5K planned for Saturday, I'm almost positive it'll be cancelled due to this impending Nor'easter.  Ugh.  I took the day off and was really looking forward to it.  The weather keeps changing so who knows.. maybe if we get a few inches of snow they'll still have it!  I love snow so I'm kind of looking forward to it.

Last night, I worked at my part time job with my "sister."  No lie, almost every time we work together, a customer or even an associate asks if we're sisters.  We smile and say "no" but we should probably just go along with it and say yes ;)  This was us at Christmas time:


  1. Are you friends with Mean Ang? Haha! I love her! I am proud of you guys doing your cleanse bc there's no way I could do it. I am a carboholic and love junk food. It's part of the reason I exercise like a maniac! Keep us posted on the weather and this the Nemo storm thingy? I really like your blog!

    1. Hi Lindsey - yes.. we're best friends :) Thanks! The 5K was postponed until the 23rd. Bummer, but oh well!