Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Two Day Cleanse & Back Problems

Last night I did two miles on the treadmill at 6 MPH or 10 min/mi.  I also did some core/yoga/pilates for about 20 minutes.  I woke up this morning with severe upper back pain and my ankle feeling a little "off."  This is odd because I didn't try anything new last night.  Hmm.  The 5K is on Saturday (if weather permits - I'm hearing about a nor'easter!).  So until then, I'm not exercising.  Not going to lie, I kind of want a big storm!  Although I'd prefer if it was during the week so I could work from home - ha!

Plus, my friend and I are doing a two day cleanse so too much exercise isn't necessary.  It's not a juice cleanse but still pretty low calorie.  I had my "normal" shake this morning (which is funny because the cleanse calls for a similar shake) and am already starting to feel hungry :-/  Normally around 10:30, I have an apple.  Sometimes with peanut butter, sometimes without.  Today's snack is cucumber slices with green tea.  Yum!  Lol.  I'll be busy today, since I'm working tonight.  However, working in a supermarket isn't always easy when you're hungry or craving something.  I like this cleanse beacuse you can still have some protein. 

Murphy (the dog) needed some shots, so last night I took him to the vet.  For the most part, he was very good, even for the Bortadella shot (which they spray up their nose).  He's a pretty nervous dog but after a while, he warms up to people.  When he sees me, Saro, my mom or Saro's mom, he knows us so he immediately gets excited and tries to jump on us.  Other people, not so much lol.  He was pretty sleepy afterwards:

Today he's at camp.  A little blurry but here he is playing with the other dogs!

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