Friday, February 8, 2013

Snowy Friday

TGIF!  We are expecting a huge Nor'Easter here in NJ starting today into tomorrow.  I love big snow storms!  Let us just hope we don't lose power.  The only problem is that we disconnected cable TV (we're going on my MIL's account - she lives upstairs) so we won't have TV until Sunday.. LOL.  We can always go upstairs though.  Or I can pop in Jillian Michael's DVDs!  Ha.  We can watch shows on the iPad too!

They're predicting 1-2 inches of snow per hour for 10-12 hours tonight.  Eek.  I can't wait to let Murphy play in it!

Overall the cleanse was good.  I feel like my stomach shrunk but I didn't see any changes on the scale :(  TMI - blaming it on the time of the month.  I would definitely do it again next month but not during that same time.  Oof.

Have a great weekend!

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