Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's & Treadmill Problems

I've probably mentioned before that I'm NOT a fan of the treadmill.  It's just not the same as running outside plus I'm staring at my basement wall.  Music helps I guess.  I've tried to watch TV on my iPad while on the treadmill but then I get a little nauceous from the bouncing and trying to watch TV - lol.  It'll have to do because the 13.1 is 11 weeks away!  Damn snow has to melt.  My luck, I'll go for a run at night and slip and fall on black ice.  Not worth the risk, IMO.

The other day I mentioned being frustrated with the scale.  Well yesterday I snuck a creme brulee dessert from my work cafeteria and wouldn't you know it - was 146 this morning versus 150 the other day.  Who knows!  Dessert is definitely my weakness although we do not keep it in the house.  I will admit, I've gone out before JUST to get dessert.  Most recently - Red Mango.  I guess it's better than Haagen Dazs :-/  Does that make me an addict?  Lol - it's only been a few times but still... that's how bad I crave it.  I know they say if you crave sugar, you're missing out on stuff like almonds or some other "blah" snack.  I'd rather not keep it in the house but indulge every now and then.  I write this as I stare at a mini Valentine's cupcake on my desk....

Tonight on the HH (Hal Higdon) schedule is a 3 mi. run plus strength.  Strength can even be yoga/pilates since it really works arms and core.  Sometimes my back is pretty sore after a run.  Arms too from pumping back and forth while jogging.  I can't wait to see how I feel after 13.1 miles.

Valentine's Day is quite overrated although it's a good reason to treat ourselves to a nice dinner.  I worked last night and Saro has work tonight so we will be celebrating tomorrow.  Although, Friday we usually go out to dinner - ha so it won't feel any different.  We don't go nuts with gifts.  Christmas just passed - geesh.

I was listening to the radio this morning and they were saying that BILLIONS of dollars are spent this week on Valentine's Day gifts... and millions on gifts for PETS.  REALLY?!  Too bad we can't apply that to this country's debt instead.  Oof.

Anyway, enjoy your day : )

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