Friday, February 1, 2013

Wear Red Day & Casual Friday

I work for a pretty big company and we don't get to wear jeans every Friday but when we can, I definitely take advantage.  Today is the 7th Annual Wear Red Day for the AHA (American Heart Association).  They ask for a $5 donation to the AHA in order to wear jeans.  This morning I realized I didn't have any red tops to wear!  So I went with dark jeans and a pink & grey striped shirt.

I don't really like getting dressed up for work, mainly because I need some new dressy clothes.  But, it's just not in the budget, especially now.  Exciting things happening this year and next, to be discussed later.  I'm going to shop around to see if I can find a coupon for Express or something.

Tonight we don't have plans as of yet.  Tomorrow I'm working and then celebrating a friends birthday at a Cuban restaurant.  Cuban food + mojitos = yummy but eek.  I'll have a light breakfast and lunch.

Sunday is the Superbowl.....don't really care about it unless I win in the pool I'm in :)  I'm gonna go with SF since I love the city - LOL.  I think we'll probably just end up stopping by my Uncle's for a bit.

I'm looking forward to a day off on the 18th and the 27th.  The 18th is Presidents Day and back to my window treatment debacle, a company is coming to give an estimate.  I'll probably tell them to go kick rocks when I get the price, ha.  The 27th, I'm going to see an acupunturist/holistic dr. down the shore.

I've been on birth control since I was 16 (not for THAT reason) but for another reason.  I stopped getting my period at 16 and was diagnosed with premature menopause.  Yup, at 16.  Hot flashes, night sweats, the whole nine.  I'm 29 now.  I have mixed feelings about it and won't get into it too much but basically I want to see if there are other options besides remaining on BC for the next 30 years (which my gyno recommends - until the "normal" menopausal age).  She says I need the hormones.  Eh, we'll see about that.  The BC is probably what's keeping on the last 10 lbs I want to lose, too!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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