Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"Lemon Juice, Olive Oil & Garlic"

According to my MIL, those ingredients are all you need for ANY recipe :)  I swear, she must have a secret because all of her food comes out so good and I always ask her "what's in this?" and she replies "lemon juice, olive oil and garlic."  LOL.  Salad dressing, hummus, tabboule, tossed salad, etc.  She doesn't measure anything, either.  I asked her if she could write her recipes down for me but she says she doesn't measure.  I'll just have to watch her one day!

She also makes this amazing cracked wheat salad with red pepper paste - SO GOOD.  I'm glad I'm no a picky eater anymore!  I'll pretty much eat anything.. well, almost.

Do you have any "weird" snack cravings?

I like to eat Armenian string cheese with Trader Joe's plantain chips as a snack lately.  Sounds strange but it's so good.  Matter of fact, I just had some with my breakfast smoothie.

Tonight I'm going to Alex & Ani.  A friend is teaming up with them to raise $ for brain cancer awareness.  My friend was just diagnosed so I'd like to go to support this cause, and to buy her a little something.  Have you shopped there before?  Their bracelets look fun!

Have a good Wednesday!


  1. My friend just sent me an Alex & Ani zodiac bracelet for my b-day, it's adorable! She also lives in NJ, and said Alex & Ani bracelet are all the rage out by you guys.