Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Workout Wednesday Link Up

I'm linking up with Megan today for Workout Wednesday!  I know most of you have gym memberships.  I haven't had one in years but still find a way to get a good work out in.  Running took up a lot of time last year into this year.  Workouts in the park with my friend (who just opened up her own studio so I MIGHT join!), or I do her You Tube videos at home.  Jillian Michaels is an option too.  As most of you know, she's hardcore and all of that jumping and kicking friggin' kills my back.

Here's what I did last night:

I was sweatin' bullets.  The calories burned are an estimate but the times are accurate.  I need a better HRM.  I do have a 25% off coupon to Sports Authority so that's an option.

The 10 minute circuit training was one of my friends short you tube videos called the Glider Workout.  I'd post it but I'd like to ask her permission first.  Google it if you're interested as there are a bunch on You Tube.  All you need are two small towels and a wood or tile floor.  It's tough and you feel the heat within 2 minutes.

The Pilates workout were two more of her videos.  This time, on the yoga mat but still got my heart rate up.  A lot of core work.

Then I decided to jog and jump rope in place for 10 minutes - harder than it sounds.  Oof.

One of our friends came over and we cooked this for him.  I know cous cous isn't the best option but cooked in coconut milk = amazing.  We marinated the shrimp in mojito seasoning, lime juice, fresh mint and olive oil and grilled it.  Saro first made this for me 4-5 years ago and to this day, it's one of my favories!  The cabbage salad is just shredded red cabbage, fresh garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, s&p.  SO good - I could have kept eating it.

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