Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Won't get me very far...literally. 

My sciatica has been bothering me for 10 weeks now (but who's counting?)  I decided to go to a lower back/sciatica specialist (my 3rd doctor for this problem) last week and again last night.  He's a chiropractic physician.  They do physical therapy there too.  He adjusted me, tried laser therapy, decompression (strapped down to a bed extremely tight and it moves back and forth, stretching your back out), and also electric stimulation.  I feel the same or maybe even worse but now I don't know if it's from my short run on Sunday night.

My leg DID feel better after the stimulation but the pain came back 30 minutes later.  I also walked on a treadmill with ice.  Nothing.  He wants me to get an MRI (DEATHLY afraid, people).  Like I'd need to be put to sleep or given a lot of drugs.  He said it bothered him that I didn't feel instant relief after the decompression.

I signed up for a 9/11 tribute 5K for this Thursday.  It ain't happenin'.  He says I shouldn't run or even do yoga because some poses aren't good for a bad back.  Just great!  He said walking is good.  I don't like to liesurely walk for exercise.  My exercise walk is walking so fast that it's borderline jogging.  I like to sweat as it makes me feel better and is a stress reliever.

The best way I can explain the pain is that it feels like there's a knife stabbing the inside of my leg string from my hamstring to my heel pulling straight down and not allowing me to take a normal step.  It's definitely nerve pain because what I'm feeling is sharp, sometimes shooting pains and even twitches.  It's not your typical lactic-acid-soreness-after-exercising-for-the-first-time-in-years, type of pain.

End rant.

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