Thursday, August 1, 2013

Trader Joe's

I just love it there.  Maybe I should work there.  Kidding.

Some of their stuff is pricey but for the most part, it's cheaper than a "normal" super market.  Egg whites for $1.99 when I've seen the same brand elsewhere for $3.99.  Coconut oil is $5.99 versus $9.99 or more elsewhere.  Almond meal is $3.99 versus $6.99 or more.  You get the idea!

Some of their produce is priced decent - other stuff, not so much.  I like that their bananas are 19 cents each and spinach and kale is only $1.99/bag. 

Come to think of it, I haven't shopped at Shop Rite in months!  I've been going to TJ's, farmer's markets and the chicken farm.  If we are having beef, Saro buys it from work.  I've been couponing and using Extra Bucks at CVS for paper products and laundry detergent.

There is a Whole Foods on my way home from work and I sometimes stop there if we need something for dinner.  Yes, some of their stuff is definitely over priced but, some stuff isn't.  Plus, it's a really nice store.  They have frozen (USA) shrimp 2 lbs for $14.99.  You can't really beat that.  If you can, let me know where - lol.  This Friday they're having fresh wild salmon on sale for $9/lb - regularly it's $19/lb.  I'd never do a "big shop" there but they have their ups.

What's your favorite food store to shop in?  Do you live near a Trader Joe's and shop there?  What do you like/dislike about it?

Happy Friday Eve!


  1. 1. You should not work there ever.
    2. Would never do a big shop at Whole Foods either but they do have really good sales on specific products sometimes. I think I might go there for the salmon.
    3. My favorite store is still shop rite. :)

    1. Definitely JK about working there LOL. Yeah WF has sales sometimes and I'm like, is that accurate? They also had the 9 oz. Ready Pac spinach for $2.99 and I swear Kings sells it for $6.99. I'm having Saro check the price today, ha. I still like Shop Rite too.

  2. We have a TJs just across the border and I LOVE it!! We unfortunately don't get there as often as I'd like!!

    1. Nice! We have two within about 10 minutes of our house :)