Tuesday, August 27, 2013

RI30 September Challenge & Sneak Peak

Morning, all.  So I decided to join my friend's new gym for the month of September to see how it goes.  The only issue is that it's about a 20 minute drive in a traffic-y area.  Wait, I live in NJ and it's traffic-y everywhere.  Anyway, I loved taking her classes in the park and definitely saw results.  Cleaning up the diet was a must and I've pretty much stuck to it minus the huge pasta dish I made 2 nights ago which was lunch yesterday and today!  Whoops.  I swear pasta and bread are no good for my midsection.

The price for the gym was right so I'm going to see how it goes for the first month.  I'm thinking I'll do both Saturday AM classes and maybe one class per week at night, after work.

With that, I really want to stick to Jillian's Ripped in 30 for at least a month.  I did it 3 days in a row 2 weeks ago and I'm not sure why I stopped.  I think the excitement of the engagement took over and also experiencing hip pain again.

So I want to try my best to stick with it, even if that means skipping some of the moves that irritate my hip/lower back...because there are definitely a few and I don't want to injure myself more.

With the classes at the gym, I'm aiming for RI30 3-4 days/week.

It's time to really SHED TO WED ;-)  And now for a sneak peak from our engagement photo session.  If you follow me in IG (rayac1221) you'll see a different picture I posted last night.  I'll share a few more soon!



  1. the lighting in the pic on IG was amazing!! This pic is so super sweet, love your dress!