Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Annoying Things

I saw my BFF Angela post things that annoy her last week and today I'm feeling a little annoyed so I stole the idea.  I think I'm a pretty laid back person but there are definitely things that annoy me.

1 - Using CAPS when it's not necessary.  I know sometimes it's a mistake but how do you not notice you're typing in CAPS?  STOP IT!  (necessary to use CAPS for that one).

2 - Leaving a drop of something in the fridge.  My sweet & loving Saro loves to do this.  Like leaving a drop of half and half because he wanted to "save me some."  Sweet, indeed but 1 drop does nothing.  Or leaving one bite of leftovers.  Just finish it, ha. 

3 - Grammar.  They're, there, their, your, you're, its, it's, then, than.

4 - Murphy rolling around on his back, happy as a pig in sh*t, on our area rug right after I've spent 30 minutes vacuuming his hair from it with the vacuum's brush attachment.  I think next time I'll take the brush attachment to his hairy body.  But it's hard to stay mad at him!

5 - People not using their car blinkers.

6 - Judgemental people and people who assume things about others.

7 - I use Facebook and Instagram often but it kind of annoys me when people screen shot their FB status and then upload it as a photo on IG. 

8 - Baaston accents (sorry if you're from there).  I'm sure my Jersey accent annoys them, too.

9 - Not being able to run.

10 - Finding out major life events or changes from close friends/family on Facebook.  I guess it's the world we live in now.

That's all I can think of right now but I'm sure there are more!

What annoys you the most?


  1. NUMBER 7... YES YES YES - hence I don't have a FB account. LOL

  2. I agree with the Facebook/IG thing - very irritating, and blinkers and poor grammar, I live in the South and it's just so much worse - every day I have to correct my daughter's words, granted she is only 3 :)